Available in Plain & Coloured Titanium, polished Alloy and Carbon Fibre outer sleeves, Viper Race Cans utilise optimum stainless steel internal components offering aftermarket exhaust cans of unfaultering build quality.

Round and Oval cross-section cans are available in Alloy, whilst Carbon Fibre and Titanium (Plain & Coloured) are manufactured in Oval only. Smaller "Stubby" (39cm sleeve length) and "Micro" (20cm sleeve length). Cans are also available in Oval Alloy. In addition to the increases in perfromance and styling, Viper Race Cans feature a low-down acoustic to bring a smile to any riders face.

  • Reduced weight over original cans
  • Increase in power output and torque*
  • Easy to fit bolt-on and slip-on cans
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique race acoustic

For ease of fitment a specific link pipe kit has been designed for use with many models.

A selection of Viper Slip on Oval and round cans are also available in Road legal E marked format. The Road legal DB baffle can be removed for track use.
The Road legal DB baffle is also sold separately as a DB Killer and can be fitted to Viper Oval and Round cans to reduce noise emission to the same level as the Road legal E marked at reduced cost.

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